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Battlefords Airspray began operations in 1980 in North Battleford Saskatchewan. The business consisted of a flight training school, aerial application service and a maintenance shop. In 1988 a move from the North Battleford Airport to Hamlin included an expansion in services to include Forestry Protection.

In 1999 a very unique training program was created by Fran - the Professional Agricultural Pilot Training Program. This program was designed to help fill the need for specially trained pilots working in a demanding flying environment. Also added in 1999 were Fire Suppression Services.

In 2006 another move brought the business back to the North Battleford City Airport. This move created an opportunity to build a 14000 sq ft facility which has an expanded maintenance facility, a large on site classroom, and onsite pilot accommodations. Battlefords Airspray once again diversifies - undertaking supervision and maintenance operations at the City of North Battleford Airport.

In the spring of 2012 Battleford Airspray added a new Air Tractor 504 Turbine powered aircraft to its fleet. This brought about the opportunity to offer Turbine Transition Training to ag pilots who are ready to take on the demanding challenge of flying a turbine powered spray aircraft.

Battlefords Airspray is owned and operated by Fran de Kock. From 1980 to 1988 Fran worked with his father, Louis de Kock, Sr. In 1988 Fran moved to Hamlin and Louis moved to Lloydminster, Alberta. Fran started flying in 1975 and has been airborne ever since. Today he holds a commercial pilots license with instructor and instrument ratings and an aircraft maintenance engineer license. He is actively involved in the National (CAAA) and is a member of the Provincial Agricultural Aviation Associations (AAAA, SAAA, MAAA). He is also a board member of the CAIR Self Insurance Program sitting on the Education and Safety Committee.

Our facilities at our new location

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Turbine Transition

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Air Tractor 504

Transition training will be completed in the new AT 504 featuring the only available side by side training platform